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Sunday, 14-Apr-2013 12:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gartner- It will take three years for BlackBerry to reach a 5% m

Gartner: It will take three years for BlackBerry to reach a 5% market share,nike sko free
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Sunday, 14-Apr-2013 12:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Australian PM apologizes for forced adoptions_1

Australian PM apologizes for forced adoptions,nike lunar flyknit
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EU expands use of Roche's Pegasys in chronic hepatitis C_1

EU expands use of Roche's Pegasys in chronic hepatitis C
ZURICH (Reuters) - Roche said on Monday the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has expanded the approval of its drug Pegasys plus ribavirin for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) to children five years of age and older.
The new label for the medicine that was first approved in the European Union over 10 years ago includes children five years and older who have not received treatment and have tested positive for HCV,nike sko free, Roche said in a statement,nike free run tilbud.
Pegasys, in combination with the antiviral ribavirin, is the foundation of treatment for chronic HCV in adults, Roche said.
Mother-to-child transmission of HCV is the most common route of acquiring the infection in children with approximately 65,000 children estimated to live with chronic HCV in Europe,nike free dk, Roche said.
(Reporting by Silke Koltrowitz)
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Friday, 22-Mar-2013 21:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Court denies Apple's motion to reduce damages in VirnetX law

Court denies Apple&#39,Air Griffey on sale;s motion to reduce damages in VirnetX lawsuit
(Reuters) - VirnetX Holding Corp, which holds internet security patents,nike blazers womens, said a federal court has upheld a ruling against Apple Inc in a patent infringement lawsuit and denied the iPhone maker's motion to reduce the $368 million in damages.
VirnetX shares rose 6 percent to $35.91 in morning trading on the American Stock Exchange on Wednesday,Nike Trainer sale.
The court ordered Apple to pay $33,561 in daily interest and $330,201 in daily damages up to the final judgment, VirnetX said on Wednesday.
VirnetX was awarded the damages in November after a federal jury said Apple's use of the Nevada-based company's virtual-private-network technology in the FaceTime video-calling application in iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac computers had infringed the company's patents.
VirnetX, which has a market capitalization of $1.74 billion, accused Apple of infringing four patents.
The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, denied VirnetX's request for a permanent injunction and ordered the companies to negotiate a license in the next 45 days.
"We look forward to negotiating a license with Apple that includes an ongoing royalty agreement," VirnetX Chief Executive Kendall Larsen said in a statement.
(Reporting by Sayantani Ghosh in Bangalore)
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10 Years Since Iraq- The Lessons I Learned_0

10 Years Since Iraq: The Lessons I Learned
As we near the 10-year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, Yahoo News asked U.S. servicemen and women who served to share their perspectives and discuss how it changed them. Here's one story.
FIRST PERSON | On September 11, 2001, I was a 20-year-old soldier who had joined the Army for a better education. I was 5,000 feet in the air, staring out of the doorway of a C130 in the U.S. Army's Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Ga.
Later that day, I found out that how I would receive my education would change because it was 9/11 -- the day America and the Army changed.
Less than two years later, I was a different man, a young lieutenant in the 325th infantry, part of the 82nd airborne division. I was responsible for 28 soldiers, many who could grow a beard or mustache -- something I hadn't yet mastered.
Did you serve in Iraq ? Interested in sharing your story? Learn more here.
I felt I was part of history. The 82nd was the first division to land on D-Day and keeping with that tradition, we were tasked with conducting a parachute assault to seize the crucial Saddam International Airport.
Though that mission was scrapped, I learned quite a bit about the soldiers I served with while waiting for the debriefing. Many in my unit believed deeply in the cause, while others believed they had been sent to war on a lie. Not since the Vietnam War had there been such a division in the ranks, yet independent of how we found ourselves there, a bond formed that couldn't be tarnished by political difference. Many wouldn't make it home; many more would redeploy two, three, sometimes even seven more times.
I redeployed three times, and each time I learned something different. I learned that the pain from being wounded is more than physical. I learned not to hate the citizens of a country that we invaded just because I didn't understand their culture. I learned that I could sleep anywhere, including on my living room floor,Air Griffey on sale, where I currently sleep. The doctors call it PTSD, but my wife, Claudia, doesn't know what to call it. Last year I accidentally struck her in my sleep, the result of directing imaginary mortar fire from our home in central Maryland.
Because of Iraq, and the war on terror our entire military culture has changed. Refrains of "Support the soldier, not the war" are heard in every blue state across the nation. The war was unpopular, so much that it made a twice-elected president one of the most hated men in history. I'll never forget the day that Zac Walters, a man from my high school and a soldier I served with, was killed by an IED. It's hard not to blame yourself, but I have to live on believing I made the right decisions, even during such a difficult time,nike blazers sale. America was once a place of ideas and values; now we've waged a perceived war on religion.
We went to Iraq and, by all accounts, we succeeded. Saddam Hussein is no longer in power, we've spread democracy, and the children of Iraq are getting some well-deserved education -- or at least that's what I need to tell myself.
It's been five years since my last deployment and two since I've been in the Army, yet not a day goes by that I don't think about my time in Iraq. The nightmares have mostly faded, my wife is unbelievably supportive, and I know that I'm never going back. Still, that twinge of pain I feel in my wounded leg is a constant reminder that I'll never chase my 13-month-old son William around the way other fathers do.
At least I came home,nike blazers vintage.
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